Welcome! I’m Sarah Smith and I’m glad you are interested in knowing a little bit more about Smith Letterpress!

It’s a company I started back in 2009, after I had been working as a designer in book publishing for several years. Being the sort of designer that likes to step away from my computer on occasion and create with my hands, I signed up for a weekend letterpress workshop. I found myself immediately in love with the whole process—the physicality of it—methodically fitting tiny metal letters between strips of lead and blocks of wood with my fingers, rolling ink on them, and then pressing them against sheets of thick, soft paper, to be left with a crisp impression of those very letters. And just to be at the helm of a fully-functioning, giant, antique, metal machine—with it’s clackety-clack sounds, knobs, and levers, getting my hands dirty, and creating something beautiful—was magical.

I kept going back, and I kept learning and experimenting. I began putting my design chops to work—crafting custom invitations for a few friends’ weddings here and there. And shortly after, I decided to take the plunge myself—into the letterpress business. I bought myself a Chandler and Price platen press from 1893, and a Multigraph Challenge guillotine, I rented a small space in New Jersey not far from where I live in Montclair, and I’ve been happily designing and printing invitations and stationery ever since.